Disclaimer – Luxury Villa Club

Luxury Villa Club is a portal website conjoining other sites that present exclusive properties for rental or sale Worldwide.

Contacting Luxury Villa Club does not constitute any legal relationship it merely acts as an intermediary for potential rental and sales clientele and/or Agents/Brokers/Owners.

Luxury Villa Club accepts no responsibility for the following:  any incurred expenses, claims as a result of rental clientele residing at any of our represented villas as shown on the websites conjoined to this site. Agents or Brokers claims resulting from Brokerage agreements with owners, claims by clientele or any individual or company under agreement with property/villa owners.

To ensure a binding contract with the owner of the property/villa all rental clientele must read the terms and conditions  shown clearly on each individual property/website and furthermore fulfil the said conditions of rental as stated.  All terms and conditions must be signed, dated and received by the villa management PRIOR to check-in at the said property/villa.

To ensure a binding contract with the Property/Villa Owner, Agents or Brokers  must enter into a brokerage agreement provided by the said owner.

All photographic representation of villas on sites conjoined to the Luxury Villa Club portal show true likeness of the property/villa.

All contents relating to property/villa listings and the related conjoined property/villa sites have been approved and/or provided by the property/villa owners.  Luxury Villa Club takes no responsibility for the accuracy of such information.

Upon agreement and authorization from the property/villa owners in Phuket, Thailand Luxury Villa Club have engaged an agreement with KMM Services Co. Ltd to provide Concierge Services for Phuket, Thailand Villas.

Neither Luxury Villa Club or the property/villa owners accept any liability or responsibility whether it be financial, damage or otherwise resulting from the provided concierge service to villa clientele from KMM Services Co Ltd.

KMM Services Co. Ltd is an independent contractor.