Planning Ahead For Your Luxury Holiday

Before it gets to that time of year again, it is essential to start planning for your hugely deserved, yearly, luxury holiday. You may have already booked your flight tickets and hotels or villas; planned which beaches you will sun bathe on, this is all great but there needs to be a bit more planning involved to ensure your holiday goes without a hitch.

Before you head for your holiday, there are still some things you need to prepare before your big trip.


If you are staying at a luxury villa or hotel with a concierge, an organised trip, a tour, then this is great, you will need minimal planning, as it is mostly done for you. However, if this is not the case, why not start looking into attractions, places you would like to visit, what will be around in your general location. What are the options for transport etc. You never know, if you shop around, you may be able to have this all included into your trip and work out a discounted price if you book early. Shop around.

Staying in Touch

Let’s face it we all like wifi and to stay in touch with our friends and family, by phone, text or social media. Look into the options for this. Sometimes your network provider can offer a cheap bolt on, so you won’t receive an unpleasant surprise when you get home from your holiday. Another option could be to buy a temporary sim card at your holiday destination. Some offer really cheap tariffs, specifically aimed at tourists.

Travel Insurance

When travelling anywhere, in particular overseas, you need to ensure you are covered should the unthinkable happen.

From personal experience of losing luggage and another incident, breaking my leg, without my insurance covering this, it could have been a painful experience financially.

Please try to ensure you are covered for the following:

• Natural disaster
• Cash payout for travel delays
• Cover for loss/damage to your property or baggage
• Cover for your home contents whilst you are overseas
• Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses in the event of journey cancellation.
• Cover for medical expenses
• Coverage for loss of
• 24 hour emergency assistance
• Cover in the event of baggage delays

Travel Documents

This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don’t check they have all travel documents until it is too late.

Check what you need for your destination. Some places need special visas and entry documents. These need to be valid for the duration of your stay as over staying can sometimes result in hefty fines.

Also ensure your passport is in date too. There is nothing more soul destroying than getting to airport and finding your documentation is not in date!


Don’t forget to look into the what the weather will be like when you are away. This will help you to choose the appropriate clothing for your holiday. No point in packing shorts and vests if the weather is going to be cold or woolly jumpers if it is hot at your chosen destination.


Some destinations require vaccinations to ensure you are safe, whilst on holiday. You need to leave enough time for these as some vaccinations are require weeks, even months beforehand.


Always change up a little of the local currency beforehand. Some places do not have cash points and banks in particularly accessible places. Also, a top tip, let your bank know that you are travelling abroad. If you use your bank card and haven’t told them, a security stop can sometimes be put on your card, which could be a little embarrassing if you are trying to pay for something. Ensure you do this before you go.

And Finally…

Relax and enjoy. You work hard, you have earned your holiday!