The best beaches in North Phuket

The north-west is Phuket’s quiet, pretty region. The landscape is rugged with mountains surrounding the beaches, and small bays between which have been perfectly formed by Mother Nature herself. North of the airport, the land lays flat however, and this is where you can find some true gems in the form of hidden beaches. There are few inhabitants in this area, which makes it the epitome of peaceful.

Phuket’s main draw, is the image of tranquility which comes to mind when thinking of the Thai isle. The two stretches of beach which sweep the northern edge are where this peace and quiet can be found.

phuket-arcadia-naithon-beachTrisara and Layan are so well hidden, you may just miss them. Layan is an extension of Bang Tao Beach. It isn’t your standard beach, in that it is more cove like than most beaches. A nearby island helps create the beautiful scenery and the sands that dry out with the low tide. Great for walking, this part of Phuket really is for the active sun seeker that wants some alone time too.

Trisara is just around the corner from Layan. Trisara is a must because it is one hundred per cent private. It is not accessible by road, and you can only reach it through the very chic, Trisara resort. Alongside the well-forested hillside you can absorb the most glorious sea views. This resort is considered to be the embodiment of luxury in the north of the isle.

Nai Thon Noi is another great option. Again really isolated, the sands of this beach are not to miss. This beach is the smaller sister of Nai Thon, which is also remote but somewhat larger. Unfortunately this beach is slightly less spectacular due to the build-up of infrastructure, particularly a road which somewhat spoils the ambiance – unless that is you are renting a cute little roadster for your trip. The drive is most definitely the most beautiful part of this beach.

South of the airport provides the traveller with something different – shallower shores with superb snorkelling opportunities. The reef is thriving as the area is protected which means that you can experience some of the best sites the sea has to offer. Despite the change in rules regarding restaurants on the beach you will still find fantastic places to eat and a thai massage in abundance.

North Phuket is extremely understated, and any traveller can find something to delight them in this part of the island.