Luxury Holiday Retreat

Most of us have hugely busy lives and we do not always have time to indulge in full and total relaxation, until we have our main family holiday once or twice per year.

Usually, in our day to day lives, relaxation consists of reading a few pages of a book, a quick snooze on the sofa or a few stolen moments with our kids or partner.

This can mean we spend a lot of our time day dreaming about relaxing in luxury accommodation, with sun sea and sand, counting down the days until we are on the plane to our holiday destination.

Recent studies have shown how key relaxation is to maintaining our wellbeing. Taking care of ourselves is key to maintaining optimum health. If we work, work, work, it can result in lethargy, persistent illnesses and low moods, amongst other things. These reasons underline how important it is to take care of ourselves.

Of course, we all want to relax on holiday and although we like to spoil ourselves on holiday and have a few treats, that does not necessarily mean being unhealthy, it is all too easy to overindulge in food and alcohol on our well-earned break.

If this is something that concerns you, why not try a spa or yoga retreat in a luxury villa.

There are so many destinations to choose from but a place that is becoming increasingly popular is Asia. Bali, Cambodia and Thailand are common destinations for people who want to stay healthy whilst relaxing, in luxury surroundings that overlook a beautiful landscape.

Most villas have sun decks that are ideal for exercise, yoga, sunbathing or even a thai massage.

From start to finish these sumptuous villas and bespoke service cater for your every need. This can be anything from your specific food requirements (let’s face it there is always something we miss when we are away from home), extra towels in our room to arranging a family dinner or BBQ.

In terms of food, Asia has so much to offer. Delicious freshly caught fish, meat and pulses, mango sticky rice is also a tasty speciality. There are so many tropical fruits native to Asia, things such as durian, mango, longan, mangosteen, pummelo, rambutan, to name but a few. So if you want to reinvigorate your body with a scrumptious fruit smoothie, there are so many exotic varieties of fruit to choose from so it will be easy to stay healthy throughout your holiday.

For a real relaxation treat why not try a Thai massage, they have so many benefits.

Your personal masseuse will assist and guide you through your various poses during your massage, which will work 10 different energy lines. It is thought that these energy lines treat different organs via energy ‘meridians’. This in turn balances your Qi (energy/lifeforce) and can help your body to heal. It can help with lymph drainage, amongst other things, this can help clear the pathways for your blood to pump to your heart, it aids digestion and eliminates toxins. Not only that, you will have a great sense of wellbeing and relaxation afterward. Just remember there are varying degrees of thai massage from vigorous to gentle and if this is too much for you, you could always have an oil massage, it is less strenuous and has similar benefits.

If you want a healthy, luxurious holiday retreat, in beautiful surroundings then you really should consider a luxury villa in Asia.