3 Devices You Should Not Be Without – Even At A Luxury Villa!

Even if you are staying in a luxury villa rather than back packing through the rain forest it seems these days that there is more and more to cram into your suitcase when packing for your holiday. Inevitably, some things will simply not make the cut. There are however three tech items you most definitely should not leave without.

sms-messages-e1337575045453Firstly, your smartphone. The cameras on such devises are phenomenally good quality for the size of the device at the moment, and it will save you carrying a camera and your phone. Some say that they like to leave their mobile phone at home when they go away – to completely switch off etc. but that is what aeroplane mode is for! You can still utilise the fantastic camera in this mode but be free from all life’s distractions. Also this means you can give all your friends serious holiday envy by chucking them up on social media to rub their noses in it!

Secondly, your laptop or tablet. If you have got a smallish laptop it may be better than a tablet due to battery life, but either way, it is good to have a device on which you can watch Netflix or some catch-up Tablets-in-the-business-worldTV when you need that little bit of down time. They are also good in case you run out of battery on your phone to update social media, or to check your emails if you are waiting for something that cannot wait until after you return home.

Last, but by no means least, the top tech item for any traveller – the power bank (aka a mobile charger). It can be a pain to have to charge your charger, but you can get power banks now that last for 8-10 charges. Most standard ones do 4-6 and so you should only need to charge it once or twice during your trip if it is your standard week or two week holiday. They come in even cheaper, more compact 2-3 charge versions too, which slip into your handbag/manbag perfectly at the size of a lipstick!

It is possible to pack light, and pack smart.