Top 3 Airlines To Phuket

There are numerous ways to get to Phuket, and multiple airlines to choose from too. Travelling by plane is certainly the most comfortable, and quickest way to travel. It can be a bit of a minefield selecting your carrier, if you don’t know where to start. There are three airlines that stand out in the crowd when travelling from one of the main hubs to the Thai province of Phuket.

20091117164509_viipipdotcom_1185jetstarFirstly, Jetstar Asia. This airline is unfortunately not available from all countries, in fact, only a select few, but this is why it can maintain the upmost in quality service. You are however, able to look and book online which makes it very convenient. If on a multi-stop trip, it may be worth checking out where you can hop on board a Jetstar flight and planning your itinerary accordingly. They have great reviews, and their website is easy to navigate. They also offer discounts regularly so keep your eyes on this one.

imagesSecondly, Air Asia. Phuket is one of the airline’s most popular routes, and so they have to do it well. The service receives great reviews, as do the food, and the crew on the flights. This airline service a great deal more locations and so getting to Phuket with them is somewhat easier than Jetstar Asia. This airline also has a mobile app for smartphone users, which makes it particularly easy for travellers who like to schedule on the go. They offer a reward scheme, and so it pays to stay with them.

1375090004464Thirdly we have Tiger Air. Hailed as one of the best airlines in Asia, and with routes all over the Asia-Pacific region it is definitely one to consider when selecting your airline to get you to Phuket. This provider is for the more frugal budget traveller, but this does not mean that quality is compromised as demonstrated by its number of customer service awards.

There are of course, many other providers out there, but these three should make it onto your shortlist when searching for flights to Phuket in Thailand.