Ways To Get To Phuket From Bangkok

Finding-Cheap-Flights-PhuketWhen in Thailand, many people on holiday start in the Thai capital Bangkok and then travel down to the province of Phuket later. There are a few ways in which you can complete this journey; by plane, by train, by bus, or by car. Each of course has its plusses and minuses.

Choosing to fly may not be the greenest of decisions, but it can be amongst the quickest, and the most comfortable. There are departures incredibly regularly from Bangkok to Phuket, and it only takes around an hour maximum. This mode is the most popular, but is of course worse for the environment and the most expensive.

238Travelling by rail will get you as far as Surat Thani and will be an experience. The train will have on board amenities and can be a comfortable experience, and give you some great views on the journey down. You can’t however, get the whole way there, and a bus would still be required for the last leg. You may find yourself waiting for a bus for a while as the transport links aren’t the most reliable in Thailand.

Bus travel is cheapest, as in most countries. But you can get different classes of bus – with or without air conditioning etc. This choice will probably be governed by your budget or your month of travel, as sometimes it is more bearable than others. Over-night buses are a popular option.

phuket_topIf you seek to experience local Thai culture and are up for an adventure then catching a train and or bus will definitely open your eyes to life in Thailand. Remember Thailand is a third world country before committing to either of these modes of transport!

budget-car-hireThe most independent choice is to drive. Hiring a car can be an exciting addition to any trip, but bear in mind the near 900 kilometres will take around 12 hours and so this is not a wise option if travelling alone, unless you plan a stop over. This is therefore the most time consuming option, but can be the most fun and liberating with its flexibility.

So depending on your priorities (price, comfort, flexibility, environmental impact etc.) you can choose from these options to get from the capital to Phuket or visa versa.

Photo Credit: siyabona.com