How to manage your Phuket villa holiday finances

As unfortunate as it is, money does make the world go round, and you can only get around that world if you know how to manage your money correctly. You have to plan your trip to a luxury Phuket villa, and to make sure you have enough spending money to have the best time imaginable whilst you are there.

PoolDeck&Garden (2)Basic financial management skills are the key to any successful trip. As with most organisational endeavours, preparation is vital. For holidays, booking as far in advance as conceivably possible is best practice. This gives you more time to plan, and means you avoid bowing to the pressure of agents who you think are selling you a last minute bargain then hike up the price when you get all excited, light headed, and forgetful of your original budget.

It is wise to book your travel and accommodation at least six months in advance so that you can travel when you want, how you want, and rest your head where you want. Despite the ‘last minute market’ booming from glossy adverts that promise the best price, prices of aeroplane seats go up as demand does, and demand is higher now last minute. This is also the case with a lot of accommodation, so do not be fooled.

PoolDeck&Garden (16)It is good to think about what kind of budget you want to keep to for each portion of the trip, and the trip in its entirety. Would you rather fly a little cheaper to make sure that you get the more luxury laden villa for your stay? I know I would. These are all elements to think through with your travel companions.

Scheduling for the trip itself is also good finance management, as you will be able to work out how much you need for any extras such as car hire, boat hire or organised excursions to one of the many islands off Phuket. You will also want to eat out in Phuket. Many visitors organise a chef to cook for them in the villa, but there are also many excellent restaurants in Phuket. If you want to experience truly local food you should also look at visiting a market and trying some of the street food. You may also want to consider getting a separate bank account for saving, or a Caxton credit card which is especially designed for travel (no card blocking if you forget to tell your bank you are going). This allows you to manage your cash just a little easier; and spend it once you reach your destination of course.PoolDeck&Garden (12)

For a happy holiday and a happy wallet, make sure you put your planning and organisational skills to good use way ahead of time, and you’ll be in the black, not the red.