Be sure to insure

Many people umm and ahh about insuring their trips abroad these days, but with so much that can go wrong, and so many providers to choose your cover from, this is really a simple part of the trip to organise.

B98A5181Insurance is reassurance, that should something happen to you, your belongings, or your mode of transport whilst you are travelling, will be covered and you should not incur any further costs. No one, or no trip is indestructible. Travel insurance can protect you from any medical costs should you have an accident, or fall ill (things that can happen anywhere but are more likely on activity holidays or in tropical climates).



For even the most organised of traveller, mother nature is uncontrollable. Weather, and extraordinary events differ vastly around the globe and there is always a possibility that something can happen. From a typhoon, to an earthquake, a hurricane or snow storm. These things may change your travel plans, meaning you get stuck somewhere a little longer or have to leave a little earlier – both of which could mean you incur costs for accommodation or travel if you fail to book insurance. There are also ‘man-made’ disasters to consider such as terrorism, or civil war. The possibilities are frighteningly endless, but if fear ruled us, we would never go anywhere, so we are best off ensuring we are protected when we do.

Luggage is one of the most likely things to go wrong – especially if you are off on a long trip with multiple stops and modes of transport. This can cause great stress if you haven’t read traveller 101 and remembered to pack a spare change of clothes and toothbrush in your hand luggage. If insured, you will get reimbursed for the value of the contents and be able to go on a great little shopping trip!

travel_insurance_thailandOf course, each insurance policy will have its’ own set of terms and policy conditions and so it is worth checking the small print to make sure you have the cover required. As well as weather, sickness, accidents and luggage you may be brought up against robbery or other crime.

Travel insurance has never been so affordable, easy to understand, and simple to get, and so you have no excuse, be sure to be insured.