Villa Holiday in Phuket

Getting Ready for a Villa Holiday in Phuket

Phuket Island is considered one of the most idyllic villa holiday destinations in the world, with its pristine beaches, serene warm waters, and relaxed atmosphere, it certainly is a great destination choice. There are a few things that one must consider before travelling to the beautiful isle, to ensure that your trip goes nothing but smoothly.

PoolDeck&Garden (30)Unlike some places, Thailand does not require you to secure a visa for your stay. One thing that is required, is proof that you do not intend to stay in the Kingdom for more than 30 days, and this can be done by quite simply booking yourself a return flight. You can then, if requested, present your return travel documentation to authorities should they wish to see it.

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Preparing your accommodation before setting off is always a wise idea. In Phuket, it may work out better economically to book a villa for your stay as opposed to a hotel. This can also be a lot more private, and comfortable, especially if your trip is longer than a week – it really gives you a chance to settle in. This kind of accommodation can make your trip feel exclusive to you, and is especially attractive to those travelling in groups, as a family, or as a couple for that romantic getaway. Research shows that electing for a luxury villa as opposed to a fancy hotel, can save you around 25 per cent – thus giving you more money to spend on seeing the sights or sampling the local cuisines. Also in such villas you have the benefit of exclusive us of the pool, game room, and views – so really, it’s a no brainer.

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Thai officials are also keen for you to show that you have enough funds for your stay in the country. They may want proof of this. Normally they expect to see you have some cash for your trip. We would never advise showing anyone you have more than a small amount of spending money for your trip.

So Phuket Island is a simple, yet elegant and beautiful choice for your trip. So get yourself ready, and get booking now.