Nowadays we all have hectic and busy lives. Jobs, kids, pets, the gym, shopping, the list seems to be endless. Social media, laptops, television all major advances in technology and the way we do things. However, they can also steal time that could be spent on other things and can mean that we are never really concentrating on one thing, we endeavor to juggle everything.

The usual ‘beep’ of a notification telling you someone has posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. the absolute need to see what is happening and what that notification is, can be very draining on your mind and body.

We have all done it, scrolling through a social media site or indeed posting on a site yourself, whilst having a half conversation with someone.

If the first thing you do in the morning is look at your phone, tablet or laptop, then a digital detox holiday is probably for you.

Let me explain what I mean by a digital detox on holiday.

Choose your destination, let’s say…a luxury villa in Phuket, Thailand in a luxury villa located next to a beautiful white sandy beach.

You get to your destination, which is most likely going to be a long journey by plane. You arrive at the villa, put your bags down in your room and start to catch up with social media, looking at what people are posting, or checking work emails, talking to people about every day issues. Is that really what you want to do when you need to recharge and you have an infinity pool, beautiful beach and your family waiting for you.

There really is something to be said for being ‘present’ with your family, having conversations and being genuinely interested and spending time recharging and looking after yourself instead of worrying about the day to day stuff.

However, this does not mean you cannot use your tech and social media at all. Just limit it. Set mutually agreed times with your family for when you can look at emails and catch up with social media etc. for a set amount of time and then lock your phone, tablet etc. away in the safe or somewhere where you won’t be tempted to look at it outside of these times.

The result (believe me I know), will be improved relationships as you will be spending more time together talking, laughing and having fun together.

You will feel more relaxed because the outside world can wait.

Schedule activities, go for a run, read a book or my personal favourite, have a yoga session and relax on a sun lounger topping up my tan.
You will come back from holiday feeling refreshed, happier and so will your family.

Go on…what are you waiting for…relaxation awaits.