Luxury Spa Retreats, Relax in Sunny Thailand

If you want to travel to a place to get away from it all, slow things down, chill out and truly relax, look no further than a Thailand spa retreat.

There are so many to choose from, so shop around to ensure you choose the right one for you.

There are so many, ranging from yoga retreats with detox and nutrition programs, ones that will help you to sleep better, some will focus the mind and some will even help you to lose weight.

The one you choose very much depends on what you would like to achieve but rest assured there is a program for you.
Most places in Thailand have retreats such as these. My favorite place is
Phuket and I have been to many hotels, spas and villas.

There is nothing more relaxing than waking up with a yoga session, an oil massage, followed by a healthy breakfast (tailored to your requirements) followed by a nice, long lie on the beach, on white sand in the gorgeous, sunny climate. You will recharge batteries in no time.

I even found time to read some books, something that I had not had time to do for years.

The thing I love about yoga is that it gives you the space and time to clear your mind and focus on important things, instead of the usual things we have to think about in our busy every day lives.

If you choose your location carefully, you will notice the peace. No cars, music, people. Just peace and tranquility. Of course, this won’t suit everyone, some people will prefer hustle and bustle but for me, my life back home is crazy and I wanted to get away from it all, focus on my inner peace and recharge, have some time for me.

My last retreat, I hired a luxury villa in Kamala, overlooking the sea. I spent so much time on the deck practising yoga either that or I was in the infinity pool looking at the sea.

The villa concierge pre ordered the food for me just before I checked in, so the food was healthy and prepared for me by the amazing villa chef.

The masseuse came into the villa once a day where I indulged in an oil massage. It truly was heaven and I really cannot recommend it enough and certainly cannot wait to go back next year. I left there with my batteries recharged and the most relaxed I have ever been. I was positively glowing.

If you have a busy life and need to recharge your batteries then you absolutely need to treat yourself to a Phuket Spa break.