The Phuket Bucket List

DJI_0114Phuket is a popular holiday island and the reason for this is there is something for everyone on this easily accessible, safe tropical island. It is a common pattern on the island to see people initially rent a villa and then purchase their own piece of Phuket. The lucky few are able to base themselves in Phuket. Despite political uncertainty and the 2004 Tsunami the magic of Phuket continues.

It would be impossible to experience everything in Phuket in a 2 week stay, but if that’s all you have, then it is imperative you work out your Phuket bucket list before you arrive. Here are some ideas:

Villa @ Night - 013

  1. Rent an amazing villa in Phuket – Phuket has some of the most exquisite villas in Asia. Rent a luxury villa with coastal views, enjoy the sunsets with a cocktail in hand and the legendary Thai hospitality.phuket-scuba-diving
  2. Scuba diving – manta rays, moray eels and lots more. Phuket is home to many dive companies and dive instructors. Whatever your level of experience you must spend some time underwater, even if it is just snorkelling. Popular diving day trips are from Phuket to Phi Phi Island and Racha Island. For a longer trip and more opportunity to see some of the big fish many people go on a liveaboard dive cruise to the Similan and Surin Islands in the Andaman sea.Nature-Tours-in-Phuket
  3. Jungle safari – before the nineteenth century, most of Phuket was covered by an ancient rainforest or jungle. Some of this rainforest has been reclaimed and is used to grow rubber and over the years some has been used to build hotels and houses. Thankfully a national park authority was set up to protect and maintain the remaining jungle. The rainforest can be explored by signing up with one of the jungle safari companies to take you by elephant or canoe through the rainforest.surfing-phuket
  4. Surfing – Phuket has great places to surf from a complete beginner to the most advanced thrill seeker. There are plenty of places to hire surf boards and several places offering tuition.thaispa
  5. Experience a Thai spa – whatever your budget you can afford a Thai massage. Spa treatments are an integral part of everyday life in Thailand. Enjoy a massage on the beach, a spa day at one of the top hotels or organise an in-villa masseuse.

There are many more great experiences for you to enjoy in Phuket. Do your research before you go and then you will have more time to completely relax when you arrive.

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